Science by Luxmuralis

Wednesday 11 to Sunday 15 October 2023

Join us as Luxmuralis returns to Durham Cathedral later this year with a different show, 'Science'

Experience dazzling projections of elements, DNA and the minds of the greatest scientists in history as you journey through the cathedral.

What is Science by Luxmuralis?

Science is a light and sound art installation created by artistic collaboration ‘Luxmuralis’. The experience will take visitors on an exploration through elements, molecules, DNA, and the minds of the greatest scientists in history.

Dazzling projections on Durham Cathedral's centuries-old architecture will delve into chemistry and biology, exploring the history of science and how it has contributed to humanity and its understanding of the world.

The artwork also examines the link between science and religion, exploring the wisdom and beauty of both, while music will fill the cathedral to invigorate the senses.

Luxmuralis has been touring cathedrals in England for several years, but Durham Cathedral was the first to host their artwork in the North East.

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