Faith and worship

Durham Cathedral is an Anglican Cathedral and the central church of the Diocese of Durham. Find out about the daily rhythm of prayer and worship at the cathedral, and how you can join our community.

About Durham Cathedral’s worship

In Jesus, God spoke his last and final word about everything. Christians, followers of Jesus, believe this and attempt to shape their lives around the teachings of Jesus found in the Bible (especially in the Gospels). We do this in church through our worship which involves offering prayer, praise and thanksgiving to God but we also do this by the way we live our lives at work and at home.

Durham Cathedral is an Anglican church, and part of the Church of England. We are sometimes called the ‘mother church’ of the Diocese of Durham, and the Bishop of Durham has a literal (and highly ornate) seat at the cathedral.

Did you know that the word cathedral comes from ‘cathedra’, a latin word meaning chair?