Central Tower Restoration

In the summer of 2016, the team at Durham Cathedral started vital repair work to conserve and repair the central tower. The work was spilt into three phases and was completed in spring 2019.

The Norman cathedral

Between 1093 and 1133, Durham Cathedral was completely rebuilt by the Normans, replacing an older Anglo-Saxon cathedral. This Norman cathedral was designed to have a central tower and two western towers. Over the centuries many alterations have taken place to the cathedral and its towers including work the started in 2016.

21st Century restoration work

The Church of England requires all cathedrals to be inspected by an architect every 5 years to ensure they are in good repair. During the 2013 inspection the central tower and belfry were identified for conservation and repair to ensure their structural integrity.

Scaffolding began to be constructed around the top of the tower in late 2015. Repair work commenced in the summer of 2016. The necessary repair and conservation work was divided into three phases.